The Villain

I’m definitely going to lay it put in front of you in its hideous glory… The world needs a Villain. We need a villain to justify our own moral view points, to feel satisfied that we were right when we defeat them. There is however no satisfaction when your villain is little Timmy from two doors down the road. Small, harmless Villain s do not in the least satisfy our need to be correct, for our moral compass to be effectively easier to control because we believe in them and those who don’t die mysterious deaths.

Heroes are a result of their Villains, the stronger the villain the stronger the hero needs to be. We need to be stronger than our own adversity, we must realize that the villain is there for our own growth even if it does seem like he’s all about the chaos.

As my first post I’m just here to tell you that the worse the Villain, the better the hero.Image


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